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The wedding of The Scarecrow and Ozma is here, and you’re invited! During this 90-minute experience, guests were able to connect with their favorite characters in a 30-minute self-guided experience, featuring a catered reception and some familiar wedding activities with an Ozian twist. By wearing the color of the faction they most associated with (Red for the Patchwork Resistance, Blue for Revolt, Green for the Scarecrow’s Militia, Black for Ozma’s acolytes, and White for those new to The Kansas Collection), guests were able to access unique content for their faction track, such as taking a photo with the captive Dorothy, learning the Lion’s true motives, and even taking part in Ozma’s assassination of The Scarecrow himself. Following the assassination, audiences had a 45-minute experience unique to their faction, culminating in all five tracks coming together to witness the coronation and vow of the new ruler of Oz: Ozma.

The Kansas Collection, Part 5: The Vow

AUGUST 9-25, 2018
Location: St. Mark’s Episcopal Church; 1020 N. Brand Blvd., Glendale, CA 91202

Created by
The Speakeasy Society


Creative Team

Julianne Just, Chris Porter, John Henningsen, Andrew Lia, Chardonnay Tobar


Matthew Bamberg-Johnson, Michael Bates, James Cowan, Natalie Fryman, Genevieve Gearhart, Christie Harms, Zan Headley, John Henningsen,Terence LeClere, John McCormick, Nikhil Pai, and Jessica Rosilyn.


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