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Guests stepped into the bleak and biting world of Charles Dicken's "A Christmas Carol" in this sandbox-style entertainment experience.  In partnership with Chloe's, the hidden bar within the Golden Road Brewing Company in Atwater Village, The Speakeasy Society presented an unconventional adaption of this holiday classic.


Patrons followed in the steps of Ebenezer Scrooge on this fateful night as he is visited by supernatural forces that confront him with visions of his past, present, and future. They could choose to play a round of pool with Fred, Scrooge's nephew, have a drink with the ghost of Marley, or follow Ebenezer's journey as he confronts his own mortality. And, stick around for the grand finale to discover Scrooge's fate!

Ebenezer : An Immersive Christmas Carol

WHEN: Dec 3-9, 2013 | 2014
Location: Chloe’s Pub at the Golden Road Brewing Company

Created by
The Speakeasy Society



Genevieve Gearhart, Julianne Just

Produced by

The Speakeasy Society, Cathrin Farrar

Lighting Design

Will Sammons

Scenic Design

Aubree Lynn

Costume Design

Kate Fry

Music Direction

Chris Porter

Cast 2013

Matthew Bamberg-Johnson, Michael Bates, Sam Breen, Claire Chapelli, James Cowan, Erica Dawson, Nils Jansson, Erica Jansson Alexander Demers, Emily Faris, Cristina Fernandez, Paul Fraser, Genevieve Gearhart, Emma Green, Chrissie Harms, John Henningsen, Nora King, Jeremy Kinser, Peter Laughlin, Tany Ling, John McCormick, Sallie Merkel, Nikhil Pai, Chris Porter, Michael Pignatelli, Paula Rebelo, Jessica Rosilyn, Olivia Sandoval, Kalean Ung, Moira MacDonald Brendan White


Cast 2014

Matthew Bamberg-Johnson, Nikhil Pai, Jenny Greer, John McCormick, Sallie Merkel, Michael Pignatelli, Gabriela Trigo McIntyre, Tommy Dickie, Gilbert Molina, Christie Harms, Michael Bates, James Cowan, Alexander Demers, Olivia Sandoval, Jessica Roslyn, Paula Rebelo, Emily Faris, Emma Zakes Green, Erica Dawson, John Henningsen, Sam Breen, Kalean Ung, Claire Chapelli

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