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The Kansas Collection  is a ten-part immersive theater epic that reimagines the beloved characters of L. Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz series. Featuring ARG and unlockable video content between chapters, audience members choose factions, solve mysteries, and collaborate with characters and each other to decide the fate of the world of Oz, and our own. 


The Axe introduces a third faction in the war for Oz–the militant and uncompromising Revolt. Lead by General Jinjur and the desperate witch Glinda, Revolt seeks to destroy the Scarecrow by any means necessary. Guests are led to a makeshift tent where they encounter the violent and volatile Tin Man, held hostage by Revolt. After assisting Glinda with a brutal interrogation, guests are asked if they know where Dorothy is, to no avail, and a frustrated Tin Man reveals he was working with Revolt all along. Revolt kicks the audience out, leaving them unsure of who from Oz they can trust–including a Lion that may be more calculating than cowardly.

The Kansas Collection Part Two: The Axe

FEBRUARY 16 - 18, 2017 | JUNE 2018
Location: Thymele Arts

Created by
The Speakeasy Society

Creative Team

Julianne Just, John Henningsen, Andrew Lia, Chris Porter, Matthew Bamberg-Johnson, Genevieve Gearheart


Natalie Fryman, James Cowan, Jessica Reed, Chrissy Harms, John Henningsen, Michael Bates (2018)


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