The Johnny Cycle (2019)

Mountain View Mausoleum


"I’ve never had a more immersive theatrical experience, or a more emotionally involving one. The audience starts as a group, but separates, based on decisions we make early on. (Stay to comfort a dying soldier? Or go fight?) It’s staggering to think of the many different adventures you could choose. You could attend several nights and experience completely different performances.”

--Tim Molloy, The Wrap

“The Speakeasy Society’s The Johnny Cycle is a multi-layered, politically relevant, and nuanced production about the importance of life, the search for the meaning of it all, and the very human cost of war. The level of sheer skill of the creative team and performers rises to this challenging occasion, balancing the many non-linear and location-based obstacles. The brilliantly evocative Johnny Cycle is worth asking questions about, worth the emotions it evokes, and worth experiencing; a beautiful tribute to the human spirit.”

-- Lacey Rae Pawlowicz, Immersed

“Some of the most striking moments of The Johnny Cycle also come from an unexpected source, the movement-based scenes. [...] The wonders of the visuals are accentuated further with exquisite sound design, be it the murmurs of a party coming from the room next door, the ragged breathing of a hospital patient, or the lonely echo of a telephone ringing and ringing with no end.”

-- Kathryn Yu, No Proscenium

Under The Big Top: Atlas (2019)

Two Bit Circus


“In a world dominated by anonymous distracting screens at every moment, there’s something thrilling and a bit dangerous about this attention, this connection. [...] This isn’t even theater as voyeuristic act where the performer is the center of the universe for an act or two. This is theater where the audience is the focus […] Someone is focusing only on you. Telling you their intimate secrets and looking to you for something.”

-- Anthony Byrnes, KCRW

“As for Under the Big Top, what it does well is pair a compelling mystery with an empathetic character, brilliantly brought to life.”

-- Juliet Bennet-Rylah, No Proscenium

The Kansas Collection (2016-2019)

McCarty Memorial Christian Church, Saint Mark's Episcopal Church, Automata, Thymele Arts and other locations around Los Angeles 

“This is a troupe hitting their creative stride [...] an immersive storytelling machine.”

-- Noah Nelson, No Proscenium

"[...]The sandbox element of The Vow alone is a testimony to Speakeasy Society’s ability to evolve and blend immersive styles to provide a fuller experience for their guests.  Productions like this, creators like this, represent the heart of the immersive theater community: a commitment to art and experience lovingly staged and beautifully executed. The Speakeasy Society not only perfectly defines the genre, it continually sets the benchmark for the emotional affect this kind of art should have on its audience.”

-- Cristen Brinkeroff, Immersed 

“Fascinating multiple story lines, balanced with exceptional performances by the entire cast create a world that you want to be part of and want to return to in the future. The level of ambition repeatedly shown by this company is inspiring. [...] They’re a master of their craft.”

-- Mike Fontaine and Russel Eaton, My Haunt Life

The Johnny Cycle

Part Three: The Living (2017) 

Mountain View Mausoleum

"This is an emotionally charged, politically fascinating, intricately woven thrill ride."

-- Taylor Winters, Immersed

"This is a master class in audience immersion. [The Speakeasy Society created an] experience filled with masterful acting, an awe-inspiring set, and moments of true connection that illuminate the darkness and offer a glimmer of hope. Work that transcends time. This show is one that needs to be experienced. For fans of theater, fans of intelligent commentaries, or for fans of connecting with another human being—The Johnny Cycle is [...] an artistic masterpiece."

-- Doron Kipper, No Proscenium

"The cast of “The Johnny Cycle” is uniformly stellar. [...] There is no shortage of showstopping monologues and tense two-person argument scenes scattered throughout the show.…[a] meticulously-written narrative and astonishingly choreographed staging…"

-- Mike Celestino,

The Hollow (2015) 

Chloe's at Golden Road Brewing

"Directors Julianne Just and Genevieve Gearhart once again make inspired use of Chloe’s readymade atmospherics to craft a Gothic-themed, site-specific suspense experience refreshingly unlike the run-of-the mill shock-horror haunts flooding Los Angeles right now."

-- Bill Raden, LA Weekly


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