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Created by
The Speakeasy Society


Co-Artistic Directors
Matthew Bamberg-Johnson, Genevieve Gearhart, Julianne Just 

Producing Director: John Henningsen

Associate Artistic Directors: Michael Bates, Chris Porter

Production Manager: Andrew Lia



Matthew Bamberg-Johnson, Jonathan Bangs, Jenny Curtis, Zach Davidson, Alex Demers, Christie Harms, Zan Headley, Michael Pignatelli, Colleen Pulawski, Jessica Rosilyn, Chynna Skye with Michael Bates, James Cowan, and Julia Henning


Production Team

Felicia Rose, Martin Gimenez, Lauren Sego

The Living is the culmination of a three year investigation into the life and work of Dalton Trumbo through his most controversial work. 


Explore Johnny’s isolation and longing to connect with the world of the living, as well as the reoccurring cycles of history as it pertains to politics, war and power. Hopefully Johnny will find peace at last.


The Living explored the impact of conflict on those left behind, and the way in which the echoes of the nationalistic rhetoric of the WWI era impacted the life and career of Dalton Trumbo, who was blacklisted during the McCarthy trials. The author struggles with the ongoing impact of his work, forcing his character to suffer to spare the lives of others. 

The Johnny Cycle

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